The Course of the Event

The monumental indoor space and stately atmosphere of the Charles Bridge Museum creates an ideal environment for organizing receptions, corporate events and banquets, seminars, press or science conferences, for out-of-the-ordinary meetings or birthday parties. Such events are an ideal occasion for a get together with your customers, friends, business partners and colleagues. It is exclusively up to you to choose what character your event will have.

Tune the corporate event to suit your liking. Opt for the Vltava River boat ride and enjoy the sights Prague affords you, have a private tour of the Museum or listen to an organ concert. Have a taste of the delicacies that the boat chef caters for you.

Events of this type are accompanied by a corporate buffet. We will gladly arrange for a jazz band, harp, piano or accordeon player or even a dulcimer band. The Charles Bridge Museum is equipped with cutting edge technology, including a LED projector, LCD screens and hi-fi sound system.

What is on offer?

gothic interior of the Charles Bridge Museum that can be found on the premises of the Order of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, with a view of the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.

- go sightseeing the mysteries of Prague off the deck of Nepomuk, our touring speedship with a fin-de-siecle design.

- take a ride through a subterranean water channel below the Old Town with our boats that can navigate wherever they feel like, to the romantic milling stone of the  Velkopřevorský Mill majestically situated in the mysterious Čertovka. A real must-see for the connoisseur and culture vulture as well as national history buff alike is the navigation under the last remaining arch of the Judith Bridge, the dignified predecessor to the Charles Bridge. This space, totally unique in itself, is to be found under the Křížovnické Square and its existence is only known to Prague geography experts.

- have a sit down in the garden of the Order of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star affording an original and unsual view of the well known skyline of the Hradčany, the seat of the Czech kings. Of all possible angles, the noble work of the emperor Charles can be admired – the Bridge which his faithful builder Parléř fashioned over the river.

- spend a minute or two on the floating pier from which the Prague Castle will show in a unique scene, only afforded to you by the pier being situated so near to the water surface.

Come and find out about the exclusiveness and quality of our services. Try and arrange your corporate event on the earliest date. Contact us at the following phone number  +420 776 776 779  or by email at