The Charles Bridge Repairs - the Charles Bridge Is in Good Hands

The Charles Bridge is one of the most significant historical sights in the Czech Republic. For centuries already, it has been an inseparable part of the capital city of Prague and its sovereign position among the other Prague bridges was never put in doubt. It connects the oldest city districts and the view over the bridge at the skyline of the Hradčany is one of the breath-taking sights of Europe. Many a time, historical events that shaped the Czech sovereignty took place on it. It had to rise from the ashes like phoenix of the fables several times throughout its history. With an immense effort of our predecessors has this sight kept its look until today. Thus, also our generation should set its goal to preserve the bridge so that no blushing will be necessary due to controversial interventions.

The Charles Bridge Museum is a facility which I founded with the kind contribution of the capital city of Prague in early 2008. I have been observing the events that somehow involved the bridge in them and and I am trying to present them in the museum with frankness and openness. Hand in hand with the museum staff, we are most interested in preventing the repairs of "our" bridge to end up in the incompetent hands thus losing it's historical authenticity. Recently, we allowed for space for expert discussion which we expected to calm the waves of emotions that kept on undermining the imaginary piers carrying the today's repairs design. Since the waters haven't ebbed, heaving with the opinions of the general public, I decided to express not only my opinion but also that of other experts who are involved with the background of theCharles Bridge Museum.

Zdeněk Bergman, the Charles Bridge Museum director, January 15, 2009