Report of the Historical Inspectorate of the Ministry of Culture: An Administrative Error.

The following can be said to comment the recently ongoing repairs: the repairs of the bridge stonework railing have become the target of stinging criticism by the Historical Inspectorate of the Ministry of Culture. The subsequently issued shortened version of the report was presented by the media in breach of journalistic ethics. A whole one-sided opinion was being presented as the only correct one which resulted in general public being informed using half-truths or even lies.

Failing to announce the repairs to the Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic was considered the first mistake. Although in this case, this really was a mistake, this was merely an administrative failure. Cooperation with the archaeological department of the National Historical Institute was under progress even before the actual beginning of the repairs. It also continued in the form of an archaeological supervisor on site after their start. Moreover, several archaeological probes were carried out and documented.

Lesser situation on the waterfront. Under the present pavement ongoing archaeological research. | Charles Bridge museum Uncovered and documented cut layers beneath the pavement of the bridge today. | Charles Bridge museum