An Old Spite - Is the Repair Method the Right One?

The repair method itself hopefully does not need to be defended anymore. The bridge was in a state of disrepair before the commencement of the repairs. This fact called for immediate action. Two approaches were introduced from which the current one has proven to be the more suitable, in the end. As opposed to the other one, it requires only a structural intervention with the internal parts of the bridge. Multiple renowned experts believe that thoughts on removing water and salts that penetrated the Charles Bridge during unsatisfactory repairs in the 1970’s and on which the other method is based. Also, this method would have necessitated removing all the bridge sections above the arches. An intervention like that should not be acceptable by historical institutions and the general public alike.

The lower part of the piers. The detail is recognizable damage to the sandstone blocks. | Charles Bridge museum Workplace repair the bridge. Repaired part is always covered to prevent unnecessary zakékání rainwater into the guts of the bridge. | Charles Bridge museum