Carneval(e) in Prague Venice

The unique romantic cruises on one of the most beautiful places in the world. In the upcoming carnival season, we prepared for you the unique voyages in the Prague
Venice. Enjoy unforgettable moments during your voyages near the majestic bridge of The Emperor Charles, in the heart of ancient Prague.

For those interested, we offer two types of carnival cruises:

The Carnival cruise on gondola

Treat yourself to a romantic cruise on the Vltava River near the Charles Bridge. We invite you and your love to a memorable , truly unique cruise, on board of the authentic Venetian gondola "Eleanore ".

The romantic apéritif on the magical river

The historic boat "Vodouch" and the magical river "Moldau" inspiring composers to music poems , is a strong connection. But even more powerful experience is when you will have on board of that floating boat a romantic apéritif with your love in the flickering light of candles, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the shinning night city. Then it's exactly what you should not miss. Enjoy the luxury of a high standard of service and intimate atmosphere of a ship that is just only for you.

The Prague Venice - Vltava near of the Charles bridge, Prague 1

Date & Time
February 20th - 4th 2014
from 12.00 AM,

RSVP / Dress code
cruises must be booked in advance


The romantic carnival cruise on gondola
basic ticket 2200,-CZK / 30 min.
premium ticket 3500,-CZK / 30 min (cruise + drink; mulled wine/sparkling wine)

The romantic apéritif on a magical river
basic ticket 2200,-CZK / 60 min. (cruise + drink; mulled wine/sparkling wine)
premium ticket 4500,-CZK / 30 min (cruise + apéritif; “venetian Spritz“+ refreshment)

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