“It Is Raining into the Charles Bridge!”- Laying the New Insulation of the Bridge Road Surface

Work at the bridge road surface insulation was made necessary by poorly carried out repairs from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Rain water poured into the bridge and melting snow from on top of the pavement with salt caused irreparable damage. Using the most modern technology and approved procedures, a new insulation layer was used that will protect the bridge from rain water and will rectify the fatal mistakes of the latest repairs.

The Charles Bridge is being repaired at a high standard of quality using cutting edge technology. Using this technology has been enforced by both the bridge’s state of disrepair before the repairs beginning and the technological procedures that accompany the bridge repairs. The ongoing repairs focus on not only reinstating of a dignified look of the bridge but it also aims at passing the bridge to the following generations in a state that no one will have to feel ashamed for.

Laying of insulation strips on the bottom of the rail. | Charles Bridge museum Flexible waterproofing spray. | Charles Bridge museum